Load Parameters

In this exercise, we will load some ROS parameters to initialize important variables within our program.

Locate Exercise Source File

  • Go to the main application source file located in plan_and_run/src/plan_and_run_node.cpp.

  • In the main program, locate the function call to application.loadParameters().

  • Go to the source file for that function located in the plan_and_run/src/tasks/load_parameters.cpp. Alternatively, in Eclipse you can click in any part of the function and press “F2” to bring up that file.

  • Comment out the first line containing the ROS_ERROR_STREAM ... entry so that the function does not quit immediately.

Complete Code

  • Find comment block that starts with /*  Fill Code: and complete as described.

  • Replace every instance of [ COMPLETE HERE ] accordingly.

Build Code and Run

  • cd into your catkin workspace and run:

catkin build --cmake-args -G 'CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles'
source ./devel/setup.bash
  • Then run the application launch file:

roslaunch plan_and_run demo_setup.launch
roslaunch plan_and_run demo_run.launch