Docker AWS

Demo #1 - Run front-end Gazebo host and back-end in Docker

Setup workspace

Front-end (run on host and only contains gui)

in terminal 1

mkdir -p ./training/front_ws/src
cd ./training/front_ws/src
gazebo -v
git clone -b gazebo7
git clone
git clone
cd ..
catkin build fetch_gazebo fetch_description

Back-end (run in container)

In this step, we will create a docker image that has the executables we need:

  • run /bin/bash in the rosindustrial/core:indigo image then apt-get the package, commiting the result.

  • run /bin/bash in the rosindustrial/core:indigo image then build the package from source, commiting the result.

  • create a docker container using the fetch Dockerfile, which we will perform.

cd ../fetch-Dockerfile/
docker build --network=host -t rosindustrial/fetch:indigo .

Running the Demo

Run the front-end

Run the front end in terminal 1:

source devel/setup.bash
roslaunch fetch_gazebo playground.launch

Run the backend

There are multiple ways to perform this:

  • run /bin/bash in the fetch container and manually run the demo node.

  • run the demo node directly in the container, which is the method we will perform

Run the back end in terminal 2:

docker run --network=host rosindustrial/fetch:indigo roslaunch fetch_gazebo_demo demo.launch

Demo #2 - Run front-end on a web-server and back-end in docker

start the environment

docker run --network=host rosindustrial/fetch:indigo roslaunch fetch_gazebo playground.launch headless:=true gui:=false

run the gazebo web server:

docker run -v "/home/ros-industrial/roscloud/training/front_ws/src/fetch_gazebo/fetch_gazebo/models/test_zone/meshes/:/root/gzweb/http/client/assets/test_zone/meshes/" -v "/home/ros-industrial/roscloud/training/front_ws/src/fetch_ros/fetch_description/meshes:/root/gzweb/http/client/assets/fetch_description/meshes" -it --network=host giodegas/gzweb /bin/bash

then run the server:

/root/gzweb/ && gzserver

run the demo in terminal 3:

docker run --network=host fetch roslaunch fetch_gazebo_demo demo.launch

Demo #3 Robot Web Tools

In this demo we will run an industrial robot URDF viewable in a browser In terminal 1 we will load a robot to the parameter server

mkdir -p abb_ws/src
git clone -b kinetic-devel
docker run -v "/home/ros-industrial/roscloud/training/abb_ws:/abb_ws" --network=host -it rosindustrial/core:melodic /bin/bash
cd abb_ws
catkin build
source devel/setup.bash
roslaunch abb_irb5400_support load_irb5400.launch

in terminal 2 we will start the robot web tools:

docker run --network=host rosindustrial/viz:kinetic roslaunch viz.launch

in terminal 3 we will launch the webserver first we need to start a www folder

cp -r abb_ws/src/abb/abb_irb5400_support/ www/
docker run -v "/home/ros-industrial/roscloud/training/www:/data/www" -v "/home/ros-industrial/roscloud/training/nginx_conf/:/etc/nginx/local/" -it --network=host rosindustrial/nginx:latest /bin/bash
nginx -c /etc/nginx/local/nginx.conf