Create Place Moves

The gripper moves through three poses in order to place the box: Approach, place and retreat. In this exercise, we will create these place poses for the tcp coordinate frame and then transform them to the arm’s wrist coordinate frame.

Locate Function

  • In the main program , locate the function call to application.create_place_moves().
  • Go to the source file of that function by clicking in any part of the function and pressing “F2”.
  • Remove the fist line containing the following ROS_ERROR_STREAM ... so that the program runs.

Complete Code

  • Find every line that begins with the comment Fill Code: and read the description. Then, replace every instance of the comment ENTER CODE HERE with the appropriate line of code
/* Fill Code:
/* ========  ENTER CODE HERE ======== */
  • The box’s position at the place location is saved in the global variable cfg.BOX_PLACE_TF.
  • The create_manipulation_poses() uses the values of the approach and retreat distances in order to create the corresponding poses at the desired target.
  • Since moveit plans the robot path for the arm’s wrist, then it is necessary to convert all the place poses to the wrist coordinate frame.
  • The lookupTransform method can provide the pose of a target relative to another pose.

Build Code and Run

  • Compile the pick and place node:
    • In QtCreator: Build -> Build Project
    • Alternatively, in a terminal:
catkin build --cmake-args -G 'CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles' --workspace collision_avoidance_pick_and_place
  • Run your node with the launch file:
roslaunch collision_avoidance_pick_and_place ur5_pick_and_place.launch
  • The tcp and wrist position at the place location will be printed on the terminal. You should see something like:
[ INFO] [1400556479.404133995]: Execution completed: SUCCEEDED
[ INFO] [1400556479.404574973]: Pick Move 2 Succeeded
[ INFO] [1400556479.404866351]: tcp position at place: [-0.4, 0.6, 0.17]
[ INFO] [1400556479.404934796]: wrist position at place: x: -0.422
y: 0.6
z: 0.3

[ERROR] [1400556479.404981729]: place_box is not implemented yet.  Aborting.