Inspect the pick_and_place_exercise Package

In this exercise, we will get familiar with all the files that you’ll be interacting with throughout these exercises.

Acquire and initialize the Workspace

cp -r ~/industrial_training/exercises/Perception-Driven_Manipulation/\
template_ws ~/perception_driven_ws
cd ~/perception_driven_ws
source /opt/ros/melodic/setup.bash
catkin init
wstool update -t src

Download debian dependencies


Make sure you have installed and configured the rosdep tool.

Then, run the following command from the src directory of your workspace:

rosdep install --from-paths . --ignore-src -y

Build your workspace

catkin build


If the build fails then revisit the previous two steps to make sure all the dependencies were downloaded.

Source the workspace

Run the following command from your workspace parent directory

source devel/setup.bash

Locate and navigate into the package

cd ~/perception_driven_ws/src/collision_avoidance_pick_and_place/

Look into the launch directory

  • ur5_setup.launch
    • Brings up the entire ROS system (MoveIt!, Rviz, perception nodes, ROS-I drivers, robot I/O peripherals)
  • ur5_pick_and_place.launch
    • Runs your pick and place node.

Look into the config directory

  • ur5/
    • pick_and_place_parameters.yaml
      • List of parameters read by the pick and place node.
    • rviz_config.rviz
      • Rviz configuration file for display properties.
    • target_recognition_parameters.yaml
      • Parameters used by the target recognition service for detecting the box from the sensor data.
    • test_cloud_obstacle_descriptions.yaml
      • Parameters used to generate simulated sensor data (simulated sensor mode only).
    • collision_obstacles.txt
      • Description of each obstacle blob added to the simulated sensor data (simulated sensor mode only)

Look into the src directory

  • nodes/
    • pick_and_place_node.cpp
      • Main application thread. Contains all necessary headers and function calls.
  • tasks/
    • create_motion_plan.cpp
    • create_pick_moves.cpp
    • create_place_moves.cpp
    • detect_box_pick.cpp
    • pickup_box.cpp
    • place_box.cpp
    • move_to_wait_position.cpp
    • set_attached_object.cpp
    • set_gripper.cpp


The tasks directory contains source files with incomplete function definitions. You will fill with code where needed in order to complete the exercise.

  • utilities/
    • pick_and_place_utilities.cpp
      • Contains support functions that will help you complete the exercise.