Create Pick and Place Helpers

With knowledge of the way that TrajOpt works, we will now use it to build our application. Consider the motion steps in a pick and place operation.


  • Free space move to approach pose

  • Linear move to target pose


  • Linear move to retreat pose

  • Free space move to approach pose

  • Linear move to target pose

In order to simplify the scripting of the pick and place operation, helper functions are defined. These are then used in test_bed_core_node to perform the operation.

Explore function definitions

  • In pick_and_place/include open trajopt_pick_and_place_constructor.h

  • Look at each of public member functions. These are the functions you will complete. Understand each the inputs and purpose of each of them.

Complete Code

  • Open trajopt_pick_and_place_constructor.cpp

  • Find every line that begins with the comment “’’Fill Code: ‘’” and read the description. Then, replace every instance of the comment “’’ENTER CODE HERE’’” with the appropriate line of code.

/* Fill Code:

You may find Sections 3.5 and 3.6 helpful in completing this exercise. Additionally, QT Creator’s autocomplete functionality can aid in finding the correct methods described in the comments.

Build Code and Run

The code can be run by using the same launch file as before. This time the robot should pathplan when the perception service completes.

roslaunch pick_and_place pick_and_place.launch