ROS Style Guide and ros_lint


The ROS Scan-N-Plan application is complete, tested and documented. Now we want to clean up the code according to the style guide so other developers can easily understand our work.

Scan-N-Plan Application: Problem Statement

We have completed and tested our Scan-N-Plan program and we need to release the code to the public. Your goal is to ensure the code we have created conforms to the ROS C++ Style Guide.

Scan-N-Plan Application: Guidance

Configure Package

  1. Add a build dependency on roslint to your package’s package.xml:
  1. Add roslint to catkin REQUIRED COMPONENTS in CMakeLists.txt:
find_package(catkin REQUIRED COMPONENTS
  1. Invoke roslint function from CMakeLists.txt

Run roslint

  1. To run roslint:
roscd myworkcell_core
catkin_make --make-args roslint